Sunday, 16 June 2013

yellow painting

I found you waiting 
under that abstract yellow painting 
in the canteen, our old meeting 
place. I'd join you, back then and we'd waste
hours, no, not waste, we'd spend
time, worthwhile time together
we'd start again from where we left off
talking, talking, talking
about the things that set our hearts on fire
yeah we would never tire, of talking
we'd talk about philosophy and faith 
and life and I swear you changed mine
I think I changed yours too. Yeah I believe
you're the reason I'm here now
exactly where I am, over bread and soup
under that abstract yellow painting 
we talked about making, 
our mark in this world 
-Costello and Niazi-
you in the far North and me in the far South
here/ but still I know there 
is so much more to come of us both
-God willing-