Sunday, 16 June 2013

a hospital reverie/ it was real

the strangest situations
I don't quite know 
how I come to find myself 
in the strangest situations
(though they're not strange at all)
naaah, I feel right at home
in a hospital ward 
in a room full 
of beautiful somali women
all fierce, and with each a shared 
some stranger then others
in Hammersmith 
and thunder and lightning 
and fat drops of rain, nordic rain
not here, not in Hammersmith
the smell of earth,
yeah I caught a whiff 
we all agree, we all laugh like we
are real sisters, like none of that 
distance and animosity exists
but it does, sadly, but we're here for you,
queen, infected blood
the queen 
she's still smiling 
despite her trials
it will be a long while 
before she stops/ smiling, inshAllah
love, we're here for you
of course we are
just look how far
we've some
oh I don't quite know how to 
take it
a hug, some flowers-
shared hours, to be part of the Diaspora 
to know Hergaisa, to feel like you belong
to the land of poets and in a room
with beautiful somali sisters
oh and the river and the rain 
and the bus and my brain 
it's melting again tonight
and in alternate world
we would be clowning around
in china town
by the wetlands, the museum too 
I had a dream about you
I had a dream about you
(was it in the hospital?)