Thursday, 6 June 2013

settled for-never

the sun settled 
and yeah I don't know why 
I can't get out of this 
I don't know why I wish
nothing existed
maybe I missed it
-the thing I needed to not miss-
and now I run the risk
of missing everything 
else, I already am, 
I don't see them, they don't see me
already, I'm wearing my invisibility
cloak, just wish I could soak 
in real life, wish I could absorb
-real life-
the computer screen
it's not it
that unearthly gleam
it's not it
the crowds I pass by 
not it
-a thousand sighs-
am I getting closer?
the hundred hello's I forgot to say
not it
not blanking you that day
it's not it
real life
I wish I could absorb /-it-
I'm sorry, not really, but I am 
for not trying at all, 
for ignoring you each and every day
for never looking into your eyes
for never having the guts to say
but hello, it doesn't really mean
anything, so I'll just continue 
to be invisible, for I don't really exist. 
-hell, what does that even mean-