Sunday, 16 June 2013


Go down Moses
Way down to Egypt land
tell old Pharaoh
to let my people go!
Back then Moses didn't quite know
how to proceed
and before he took his leave
he uttered 'Lord open up my 
chest and remove all imperfections
so that when I speak 
they may understand me'
little did Moses know then 
he would one day arrive at a sea
and lay down his staff 
and the sea would split into two halves
and he would lead
the children of Israel 
to the promised land/ to freedom
before he would leave them 
to seek out the Lord again. 
Moses a shepherd
he led the herd
the lessons he learnt 
then, made him the great prophet
he became. Moses you gained
so much more than you believed possible
for with the One nothing is im-