Tuesday, 25 June 2013

a poem to a friend

what I'll miss the most
about you, about me
about us
is the truth
that encompassed
the fact that you knew 
but nothing too
I'll miss everything about you
girl I'll miss our shared lunches
outside the British Museum under the sun, 
in such a short space of time, you've become
one of my closest and dearest friends
and I can't believe we're fast approaching the end
of an era. I'm going to miss you girl
I'll miss your cusses, your compliments
I'll miss Primarks
yeah I did just say that, I think I meant it too  
I'll miss hanging out in Primarks with you 
after work. 
I'll miss that you call it primarks
I'll miss buying you food
I'll miss you buying me food
our long conversations
our jokes 
lugging around boxes
and getting into cabs
I'll miss being dragged
to some place boring like the bank or post office
girl you're a true novice
I'll miss running errands, 
yours and mine
I'll miss listening to you when you whine
I'll miss all your questions 
and you asking me how to spell stuff
and yeah girl
I'm just really going to miss you
I'll miss ice-cream after work in Maccy D's
I'll miss those countless trips to KFC
I'll miss Diwan
the way to make me feel calm
when you give me a hug
I'll miss the faith you have in me
when I have none in myself
I'll miss your strength, your kindness
shared prayers, the drama, your layers
the walls you build around yourself
hard, I know you are, 
but you've got a heart of gold 
see I know you like they don't
the way you know me like they don't
whatever you do, I won't 
let you, do nothing.
you can be anything/ so be it
girl I'm going to miss you something fierce
-real friendship-