Sunday, 27 April 2014

days colours faze

by the waters 
in the courtyard
the reflections so bright
the shadows of stone so like
beautiful and out of this world
the screens and screens
the jars of tea 
in the tunnel
the secret tunnel place
a roof terrace 
east street
the flitting train
the rain 
in the peace garden
waging war with flowers
stoic and ardent
dampened by the grey victorian sky
the polish place
in the crummy centre
another street
another mosque
the pool
the moss
her and her and her and her
souls that spur
souls on
-just another week-

overboard, bored though

you got
10,000 ins
but even so
you know
its real tough to begin
to begin to begin
to start over
to throw the
whole load

Monday, 21 April 2014

sparrow death

in the crematorium chapel 
she cries quietly
in the crematorium chapel
he watches on mildly
afraid of her tears
afraid of her tears
silently he prepares
to say the right words
but she stays rooted
there on that pew
she stays rooted
she cries for a few
hundred thousand moments
she cries for her loss,
                    for his ashes
she cries for her loss,
                               but then she catches

                                  the eye of a sparrow

his eye is on the sparrow

he whispers
his eye is on the sparrow
                human knowing
 is far too narrow

so take comfort
in knowing
                                     that you are free
upon hearing his words she
slowly rose

his eye is on the sparrow

should i stay or should I go

midnight boats
neon reflections
in the water
the wind howled
and I've been here before
just a thought
I've been here before
back then I sought
to never be here
but here I am again
alone and cold
weary and old
unable to hold 
onto the light
unable to fight 
off ----- darkness
old fears, 

                     should I just
book a one way ticket
to the moon?
I wonder, 
                is it too soon go far far away again....

nomad dream

I been thinking about you a lot
I been thinking about mongolia
                                  I wish we gave it a shot
I been thinking about the river
                                 that night
a hill, the moon was so bright
I been thinking about
                                 our long conversations
the constellations
                       above our heads,
              the field of cows,
                                  the things you said
and just

     you know I meet enough
people, but none like you

I miss you

Thursday, 17 April 2014

frozen icicles

a dream
     of icicles
and niagra
                                                  of times gone by

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


             its kinda like
being on a treadmill
running and running
speeding and slowing
but essentially 
getting nowhere
stop and stare
like a stowaway
go away
                        throw away
your numbers
 but on purpose
if only-------------- it was known before
twenty four, 
I been here before
on buses at night
looking at the neon lights
watching the jews with tall hats
long coats all black
dreaming of forever
of zion, 
in the distance the lion
the greek music plays
it takes me to another place

but where.....
but                 where.....
          but       where...

blue tuesday

blue tuesday
I looked up to
the pool reflections
I prayed to you
in the mosque again
I was thinking 
                 I have a long way to go
don't I?
I was thinking
just a few dozen thoughts
floating backwards
life has taught
                     me nothing

Monday, 14 April 2014

somewhere else

monday blues
a sickness runs through
too vague to speak of
but then after work
I ran for miles
I swam
I found home
the mosque at night
the full moon so bright
He is with me
                          tears streamed
my heart seemed
at peace


four midnights      
                            in a row in a row  in a row
five hundred chances
the distance               
                      you still have to go to go to go
the bridges 
                   you still have to cross, to cross, to cross
and you're at loss
because it's fading
like a mirage
              your visage
and communication
                               comes hard
harder than hard
but sometimes its
easier smoking
                                     and joking
and choking
                      on a memory
                         a thought unvoiced
tracing patterns
in the void
in the tibetan peace garden
                        beat the lows
all for show
                              but the show got cancelled
so many years ago

move on 
----------------------------------switch continents
there ain't nothing here for you

Sunday, 13 April 2014

dangerous signs

dangerous signs
like dogs running free
in the industrial estate
like penalty for begging 
200 pounds
like way out
upside down
dangerous signs

old habits

old habits die hard
dreaming on buses
late at night so far
from home
so far from home
to roam
to think a thought
equally unlikely to happen
equally unlikely
to happen
just a thought

there (nearly there)

because i'm nearly there
because i'm so close I swear
I'm so close
because this is as good
as it gets
my dreams, they let
me go there, to that place
because this as good 
as it gets
so near
two years
of this, a breeze
at ease
oh god please
let this feeling
last forever
let me not
throw my cap 
onto the ground
like that beautiful little jewish boy
with two curls in his hair
let me not stomp my feet
rather may I lift my arms up in the air
and run and run and run
and run and run and run
and swim and swim and swim
till I get there
let me not drown
let me get to my destination

two more years
but here
I'm nearly there
there is here

you're already there

keep going

dem folks

is it
is that what your about
the world ends tomorrow
would it matter
wake up 
before they shatter
the windows
surrounding your dream
it was never about that for me
you know it
you know
it was never about that                            

like fools

in a single week
angel twice in a row
carving out Neanderthals
angel twice in a row 
carving out Neanderthals
at night, at night
on the shore
in the sand
at night at night
madness galore
sketching Neanderthals
in some cafe
at twilight twilight
sitting listening
wondering what to say
in the Indian YMCA
by danbury street canal
honeywood museum
and various schools
in a single week
in a single week
in a single week


you hugged me so tight
you almost crushed all my bones
girl, i had a feeling you might
be all on your own
like then like then like then 
all men all men all men
are they the same?
i miss you i miss you i miss you
you hugged me so tight
you said you never wanted to let go
girl you said let's go
some where, 
you almost crushed all my bones
you're with child
you're with child