Sunday, 13 April 2014

there (nearly there)

because i'm nearly there
because i'm so close I swear
I'm so close
because this is as good
as it gets
my dreams, they let
me go there, to that place
because this as good 
as it gets
so near
two years
of this, a breeze
at ease
oh god please
let this feeling
last forever
let me not
throw my cap 
onto the ground
like that beautiful little jewish boy
with two curls in his hair
let me not stomp my feet
rather may I lift my arms up in the air
and run and run and run
and run and run and run
and swim and swim and swim
till I get there
let me not drown
let me get to my destination

two more years
but here
I'm nearly there
there is here

you're already there

keep going