Thursday, 27 July 2017

stay a while.

these silent nights
these long walks
these winding paths
these cosmic doors
the secret garden is in full bloom
stay a while, 
                            don't leave too soon, 
these moments 
                                       of another way 
these absurd conversations
                    hope coupled with frustration,                         
 simple elation
ridiculous new beginnings
between losing and winning
I came by mister mouse at paddington
on the platform, half torn, 
he scurried all around me 
I was rain drenched, almost free 
from the night monsoons
my heart was racing from sprinting
across neon river roads
vague umbrella silhouettes
I suppose I suppose I suppose
there's a protection in it
i go without
the bridge over the serpentine
green earth and inky sky, both half mine
the handsome stucco houses
two stars above
the road is curving, 
and I'm losing my way
  but this
hope and frustration,    
 simple elation
of feeling a certain way

stay a while
won't you
stay a while longer

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

paradox of the free

is it funny
or is it sad
we never really know
is it funny
or is it sad
that often, too often
 we become
a shadow of who 
we once were
when did you stop
    when did you stop dreaming
beautiful things
impossible things
always impossible
always out of reach 
lessons from above
they're only meant to teach
you, but you never learn
you just continue to yearn
for things not meant for you
let go
one day you'll come to know


Monday, 3 July 2017

in the folds

my empire of dirt
it sounded on the radio
a country boy's hurt
after a wander around
a burnt down house
somewhere out east
by the lake, the wild heath
the moody sky 
beneath it, I seek 
an atoms weight of peace
           a crease
unfolds in a field
       a swamp, a wild rabbit
             crazy horse
comes up again
                           and red cloud
       the bisons
they go quiet
the birds chirp, chirp, chirp,
the wind is so loud
 there is no peace
no peace no peace 
                                         no peace
but at least

          there's life
(somewhere in the folds)