Saturday, 28 June 2014


i'll come round
to your yard girl
i'll let you know
next time i go
to the secret garden 
in springfield
we can listen to 
woh lamhe

woh lamhe

woh bheegi bheegi yaadein


then maybe liberation
lies in realising 
that it really don't matter
nah it really won't matter
then maybe liberation
lies in knowing
that its the former 
not the latter
where needs lie
so you don't hafta try
to get by
                        just float
for the end is neigh
the end is neigh

raining in niagara

hiding behind a lens
the last few months spence,
you've been more of a friend
to me than anyone I know
spence in so many ways
you've helped me to grow
better, stronger
I long for
us to stay friends
the qualities you possess
are nothing less
than beautiful///////////
patience emblazoned
with a nervous calm
so I wonder, can't you just
stay here
for I'll miss you so much
I'll miss you so much
I'll miss our adventures, spencer
I'll miss
traipsing around
in storms,
I'll miss
all our sketchy places
distracting     from the sketchy dark spaces
that lie within us
you know what I'm talking about
spence you know
what it's like
ink and light
hands across the sea
connected we'll always be
girl, how do I say goodbye?
I die 
a little every time
the rain is falling
in niagara tonight

Sunday, 8 June 2014

explore and restore

the places i go
they be so dope
that the mind expands
facts cram
fiction together
and dreams 
become string
tying in truth

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

what i got

you looked so beautiful
at the wedding
the niazi wedding
one of ours

i was there floating

smudged eye liner

a fuzzy mind
a new sister in law
i had to remind
myself, that i was there

not in a dream
lately I've been 
living in a dream
with nepalese music
clouds a discoloured cream

I lost my life
I lost myself
I traded it in

and there you looked beautiful
you brought me back to earth
girl, I kept bumping into your twin
hers eyes sad but filled with mirth

she told me i used to be so much fun
she asked me why I changed
why I had no phone
I bit my tongue, I refrained
from saying a thing

she said i had the perfect life
she said i have the perfect life

she said I had the perfect life
was she right
is that what I got?

Monday, 2 June 2014


what was true then
is now just something 
                   intangible             unreal
how fleeting
these feelings
we claim to possess
maybe by meeting 
less             and         less
we'll understand
that we met no one
in particular
we were met with nothing
                            be not bitter
for impermanence
is of this world
(a self fulfilling prophecy)

you spoke

you spoke
in a manner
so business like
i thought the cracks 
in your voice might
give way
and a crater would form, 
you would be unable to say
a single thing
then you would be left
you would be left
with nothing
but non language
you don't have