Wednesday, 4 June 2014

what i got

you looked so beautiful
at the wedding
the niazi wedding
one of ours

i was there floating

smudged eye liner

a fuzzy mind
a new sister in law
i had to remind
myself, that i was there

not in a dream
lately I've been 
living in a dream
with nepalese music
clouds a discoloured cream

I lost my life
I lost myself
I traded it in

and there you looked beautiful
you brought me back to earth
girl, I kept bumping into your twin
hers eyes sad but filled with mirth

she told me i used to be so much fun
she asked me why I changed
why I had no phone
I bit my tongue, I refrained
from saying a thing

she said i had the perfect life
she said i have the perfect life

she said I had the perfect life
was she right
is that what I got?