Saturday, 28 June 2014

raining in niagara

hiding behind a lens
the last few months spence,
you've been more of a friend
to me than anyone I know
spence in so many ways
you've helped me to grow
better, stronger
I long for
us to stay friends
the qualities you possess
are nothing less
than beautiful///////////
patience emblazoned
with a nervous calm
so I wonder, can't you just
stay here
for I'll miss you so much
I'll miss you so much
I'll miss our adventures, spencer
I'll miss
traipsing around
in storms,
I'll miss
all our sketchy places
distracting     from the sketchy dark spaces
that lie within us
you know what I'm talking about
spence you know
what it's like
ink and light
hands across the sea
connected we'll always be
girl, how do I say goodbye?
I die 
a little every time
the rain is falling
in niagara tonight