Sunday, 16 June 2013

one final ode to the museum

-to go back-
to write it down/ to go back
for it's gotta be found
to go back/ before i forget
to go back/ before I let
it slide and keep moving on
yeah I got it all pictured in my head
I'll go back, hand in my out-dated ID
-hood over head, I'll go see dippy
real quick and exchange a few words
get lost in a crowd, try to figure it out,
whether or not I was
actually ever there, yeah 
and I'll see blue whale too
and man, to go back
one last time, to fulfil 
a dumb poetic prophecy/
a strange outdated philosophy 
this picture in my head
yeah I'll avoid them shops
yeah I'll stand at the top
(where I used to stand)
and look down at the dots
the dots that are people
ima still waiting for it to come to me