Thursday, 20 June 2013

sick of it

man, I'm so sick of it
of saying goodbye 
of slowly, so slowly

/cutting each tie/

of losing touch
yeah I admit 
it doesn't hurt so much
any more, but it still hurts. 
yeah it still hurts

man, I'm so sick of it
I'm so sick of drifting
and being drawn to other drifters
drifters who drift
away from me
drifters who leave
to seek out something better.
(does something better even exist?)

yeah man, I'm so sick 
of the earth being so big
and friends being so far away 
across the globe, 
and so am I
 are there so many oceans
so many land forms
so many gaps between us
gaps; they've formed

-impenetrable barriers-

family, friends,
pieces of my soul
ones I love most
ones that make me feel whole
they're never here
I'm trying to figure out still
why they disappear

the people I most care 

about in the world
she said to me 

one day I'm going to see you on TV
and I'm going to breathe a sigh of relief
and say 
'well it's about time'
 I'm going to say
'what took you so long?'

girl, if only you knew
how talented you are
how far,
you're bound to go
me going away,
it won't make a difference
it won't make you stay


if I never met you
it would have been far worse
and you'll see me again
and I'll be on your case/ I'll reimburse
and you'll baby sit my kids

when I have them
and you'll teach them about the world

I love you
so do I
she said,
as we chewed on fries

girl you're going away 
what's keeping me here
why am I still here
when I'm supposed to be
by now. Shit I still don't know how
to live.