Saturday, 8 June 2013

salt -ink- swahili

a poem written in Swahili
a poem written for the steely 
willed, written using an ink-filled, 
parker pen, 
no sooner; the poem went 
awry, for it was by
the salt lakes of Bolivia
that the saline rain
began to fall and 
the scribbles began to blur
it was by the lakes of Bolivia
that the sum-seer/ the lone believer
wrote down a poem in Swahili
against the sunset sky
 a million shades of pinks
by the edge of the lake, 
wholly on the brink
a beam of gold, the seer untold 
the story of all history
the scribbles blurred
and the story remains a mystery, 
ink and salt in Swahili
to be (there now)