Saturday, 8 June 2013

technological enslavement



it's kind of a debasement
of real communication

don't you think?


better then, to be without?
better then, to just go about 

speaking out loud
in person

-of real sound-

human to human
voice to voice
face to face
it leaves you no choice
but to be 
kind of present

don't you agree?

kind of like

text message

but where it went
who knows

outer space, those waves
they just keep travelling
on and on
and on and on
until they bounce back along
a dead end, a garbage shoot
(better yet, to stay mute) 

kind of like

text message sent
sure, but listen
it kind of went bent

that ain't me
waiting endlessly 
for a reply
on and on and on 
I don't know why
I did that


cos I never do 
I never wait
I never care
I create my own fate

one that doesn't rely 
on flimsy waves
invisible/ unreal
it makes slaves

of the free
so now to be 

hmm, that sounds
pretty good to me
(for a while at least)