Friday, 7 June 2013

from your lalli balli sister

happy girl, 
that you exist, 
no matter what
you never fail to persist
in your efforts
to keep me going
whenever I start slowing 
you remind me of who I can be 
girl, you make me see,
when I can't
and you let me be
 when I can't 
and when I can't talk
when it gets too much
you know exactly
when to back off, 
girl, you're the only reason
I 've stayed so long
you make me feel
as though I belong
you make me feel
so very strong
and girl I love
that you don't know Sy
you just know me,
the real me, no lie
girl, I'm so happy 
to have met you 
you're more than a friend
you're like a sister to me 
more than a sister still
I wonder will
our friendship last. See girl, I can't 
ask, I can't imagine us parting ways
not you and I,
girl, thank you for your grace
thank you for making my days