Monday, 3 June 2013

idle/ lunar

they say that when your idle 
that's when them suicidal 
thoughts, come crashing 
like tidal waves, lashing 


to and fro, the moon, 
pulls them in, the waves
they form their own shapes, 
all dark, all obscure
how to cure, the sick sea
the sick you, the sick me

how to expel those shapes
those shapes that take, 
you to that dark place
-outer space-
it's never dark 
in outer space
what a waste (of light)

yes, the moon it pulls them in 
waves and thoughts, 
and slowly you begin 
to sink, lunatic 
moon, mourning lunar
no sooner, they leave you 
the waves/ the shapes/ 
the thoughts: (abruptly)
 what saves you then?

in a darkened room
with the lunatic moon, 
watching over you, mourning lunar
(even sooner) 
maybe that would explain
the nights, 
the pain
that claims the rights 
over your soul; behold
-how to be bold- 
when you feel so tired
when you see so old

-to fold up eternity-
(to put it to rest/ foreverevereverever-)