Saturday, 15 June 2013

another crazy daisy

what a day, shit man 
crazy as hell 
a letter from a cell 
who do I tell 
that she's going to Mogadishu
and my best mates grieving 
cos well, she might also be leaving
to go Hergaisa 
(sooner rather than later)
how did that happen? 
and the stories by the river
by the girl who created holes
in that place, 
where the planes are so low
and the bulls are so ochre, 
yeah that lonely place
and that random guy
you met and so did I  
kind of, boy wanderer
wandering home along the river
and a hours later a car crash 
old man, shouted out so rash
you prick, don't go any where
and I swear, amidst the madness
my heart went psycho again 
but somehow I made it 
-the story of life-