Sunday, 2 June 2013

to an old friend

i miss you, chris 
it's true: though I know
I have no right to miss you
because it's my fault 
we're no longer friends
how can i make amends
-when so much time has passed-
miss vervain, i miss you 
though I have no right to 
I miss our magical walks
I miss your inspiring talks 
i miss your spirit
your magic, your tragic 
greek tales, 
those stories of el salvedor
miss vervain, you know I adore
you and your stories
your strange and beautiful tales
you'd never fail
to make me feel something
'what an unlikely pair we are!'
you'd sometimes say 
and I would think it too
me: a young misfit girl 
you: an ageing mystic artist
a silver haired woman of knowledge
so out of this world
i miss you chris
though I have absolutely 
no right to miss you 
I mean I could always just write you
why is it so hard for me 
to try to reconnect
to you and to all the others too
the friends I left behind
that winter I lost my mind. 
...I don't know....
I miss you, Chris 
I hope you're reading this
(though I know you aren't)