Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the outward

so you trimmed your beard 
so you traded in your scarf 
for a woolly hat, girl,
didn't it mean more to you than that? 
boy it wasn't your beard 
that they feared
never mind
me yeah, 
I'ma hold my head up high, 
I'ma defy 
their empty command (to feel guilt)
I'ma demand so much more 
than what they tell me is possible 
me yeah, 
i'ma not afraid
I've already laid 
down my defences, 
I've already weighed 
up them rights and wrongs
them pro's and con's 
 we already been conned 
so many times before 
me, yeah 
I'ma keep doing what I do 
I'ma keep walkin' 
I'ma keep talking 
cos somebody needs to 
words: disarming
they're less harming 
than the ones they use 
the ones they abuse 
words, words that can't 
speak for themselves
so let me speak 
and if I ever end in jail 
or dead, for speaking truth 
at least I'll have lead 
the life for me, 
at least I'll have said 
the things that I believe 
and really I believe in peace
-not so taciturn-