Sunday, 30 June 2013

make it back

for if I never make it back 
let me tell you the truth
I probably never would have made it back 
-yeah I still haven't much improved-
yeah I still lack the courage to face you 
yeah, it's true, I wish I said it all then 
maybe then, 
I wouldn't spend the nights 
wishing I could mend you
and take back all the hurt I put you through,
or maybe even undo
everything that passed. Gosh
the past, when will it disappear
when will I no longer care
about it, about stuff that's come and gone
how does one cease to prolong,
the inevitable
yeah I wish I could forget things
yeah I wish I could grow a set of wings
glorious ones gold ones 
and fly away (not runaway)
I pray to one day
know and understand