Wednesday, 26 June 2013

know your worth

never take kindness for granted
for one day you'll be without 
then you'll remember
the meaning of it 
of kindness, leaving this place
yeah i never felt more displaced 
with the past, contrast it, 
and you won't believe you lasted
the duration, what with everything 
faith, yeah but yours didn't last
yeah man, I never been made to feel
this much of an outcast
I never been made to feel so low
so lacking, so caught in the undertow
and if this is what they're like,
I'll go back to my silly childish-ness
humanity, to just be 
not so far behind
yeah I admit I tried to remind myself 
tried to convince myself that 
I worked through so much
on every goddamn level 
achieved so much 
within and without
but the world is such 
that they'll never notice the good
and yeah I don't care so much about that
cos if i did, if I was a quitter
I'd be gone, man I'd have walked
 a hundred times over
but you see 
its not about me or you or anyone else
even if you mean well and maybe you do
but its about the cause, nothing more
yeah it's why I'm still here
i'm here for the cause and 
yeah until I fulfil 
my duty 
I will not leave 
no matter how hard you treat 
me. I know my worth
and it's more than this 
so much more that this.
but until its fulfilled, I will
not disappear
-love you all, every last one of you, 
for the sake of God-
(even now)