Sunday, 23 June 2013

cornflakes factory

'Oh for Pete's sake 
who let the cornflakes
get stuck behind 
the oven conveyor belt!?'
-a moment of silence-
'You know I smelt 
the burning corn
from over a mile off'
said Joe, who had just arrived
he could barely suppress a scoff
the others just looked down
-the silence resumed-
it had been a while
since the fire crew had 
tackled the fire
no one had owned up
Tim didn't know who to fire
ah hell, maybe it's about time 
I just retire
he thought
creases all over his face
deepening, as he spoke again, 
I've had about enough of this place
the drama of this makeshift workspace
-the cornflakes factory-
working here is no longer
and this fire
has made me see
that I'm not supposed to be
here any more
so thank you guys 
and dislodged cornflakes
thanks for helping me to make
my decision
-and he left-