Monday, 24 June 2013

best friends in monochrome

so far away still 
just when I thought I was
getting somewhere
so far away still 
but with you beside me
looking at the eye
turn, slowly
ever so slowly, upwards
and around 
and around
a single gaze
that's all it took
melancholic/ monochrome 
lamenting, for we've both grown 
weary as we both lie 
on the same old
black and white
listening to the beautiful grey tunes
-long long long last-
how soon is too soon
to dismantle this aging and tiresome room
to throw it all away
girl, we're the same 
of course we are
but I didn't know we shared
the same scar
in the same place
let's face
grey pelican 
grey building
grey coconut shake
together let's make a break 
for it, deep joy, comfort 
girl, will we ever learn
will we ever grow up
will we ever move from here
we share the the same conversation
year on year
and year on year
nothing changes
yeah, nothing ever changes
every year 
yeah, it rearranges
 its hues, but it remains the same
and we know which road to take, 
but we never do. 
lets take it now, together
let's walk the path