Thursday, 6 June 2013

goodbye stranger

so I been thinking
maybe its about time 
we say our goodbyes
but listen, before we do 
lemme just look into your eyes
 i gotta figure it out
here and now:
I gotta figure it out
the secret
the one I don't know 
the one you almost let show
the one you wont share 
just lemme try to understand 
why I began to care
what it is about you 
that makes me want to 
be different
better, somehow anew
before we say our last goodbyes
lemme just look into your eyes 
and figure it out
lemme just figure out
 what your about
what I'm about 
swear down, I won't shout it out
I wont tell nobody the secret 
whatever it is, 
maybe it doesn't exist.... 
-does it exist?-