Sunday, 23 June 2013

true heart

how to go back
when your true heart
has been shrouded in crap
for so long
when it's been covered 
in a thousand particles 
of black
how to go back 
when you're stuck
when your hearts 
it's hard to feel
 when the heart is sealed;
the eyes can't see
when the heart is sealed;
it's hard to believe 
anything, any tiny thing
it's hard to understand
it's hard to stand 
firm/ it's hard to learn 
anything, any tiny thing
it's hard to remember
do you remember
your true heart? 
It still exists
it just requires
-       work       -
so seek it out 
so don't go about 
ignoring it: your true heart
forgiveness/ repentance/ penance
there for the taking