Tuesday, 25 June 2013

whatever mister

sort of, kind of, miss
mister e, even though
he surely can't miss me
sort of, kind of, miss 
questions and answers
cos well maybe
I never got to ask the big ones
the scary ones, the really airy fairy ones
like what's keeping you up
what's knocking you down, 
like what's making you frown,
in that way
like I don't know
what are you doing
with your one precious life
like, what's wrong with me
why do I still drive
people away
like, yeah both taciturn,
but I wish I had learnt
a way to better deal 
with the way I am
the way you have.
I don't know man, whatever
maybe I'm just bored again
been thinking maybe I should send 
myself away somewhere
like Soufease,
yeah to be at ease in soufease