Sunday, 16 June 2013

H is for a Halima

H is for Happiness
H is for you
H is for hanging out 
in the prayer room
first there 
and now here
yeah we've prayed 
pretty much everywhere
H is for our Hikes, 
avril lavigne and fearless 
yeah and don't forget 
Jess' hot appearance :-D
H is for the hour
we walked by the sand
by the river, 
d'you remember when the big Hand
hit nine and the bells began to chime
-some kind of sublime-
H is for history; yeah history, 
you know more about it than me
but ours has been,
pretty happy
don't you agree?
thanks H for making my day
my week, 
thanks H for listening to me speak
about all sorts of strange stuff
you're the best mate ever, 
so glad fate brought us together