Thursday, 27 June 2013

the MAX

pissed off to the max
pretty unusual for a girl 
who's usually pretty lax
man I'm at my wits end
and I need to vent
before they cement
my thoughts, my ill feelings
see I've hit another glass ceiling
and you don't get it, do you
I've given my life
my heart, my soul 
my everything to this
even though 
it's been a roller coaster
even though I got back nothing
most of the 
time, yeah s'been hard 
so hard, to teach myself
everything I now know
and everytime I get close
BAAAM! another blow
It's been a ride, the crazy kind
man I wouldn't mind
but shit if only you knew
what I been through 
to get here
how much I had to give
how much I had to bare
and I know, Lord I know 
I've achieved excellence
against all odds!
with nothing to go on 
but I could achieve so much more
if I just had the space
the time, the support
I know I could and
man I'm just so pissed 
that they missed
all the advice I gave
and now we're in this grave
shit, I can't formulate
the words that will make
work work for me
and its so goddamn frustrating,
can't you see!
can't you see
 we could be
so much more that this
I've said my piece, 
yeah I've vented
now I just need to send it
some place constructive
-all these ideas-