Monday, 3 June 2013

cinema fugitive

nah, she didn't 
she didn't tell her ma 
instead she hid out
in the cinema
the local odeon
she pretended to be 
a custodian 
donned a pair of overalls 
and a broom
'I'll go back soon
she often thought, over her head
a dark cloud loomed 
and soon became later
and later became the future
and the future
is still in a little while 
so she skulked off
to the theatre, couldn't bear the
thought of being found 
without a sound, she sunk into a seat 
her seat, in the back row 
she'd watch show after show
she'd sit through the trailers
mull over her failures 
she lived on stale nacho's 
and pic n mix, jalepenos and 
an assortment of dips
I'll go home soon, I'll fix
everything, though I'm so alone
though there's no room left for me
though there's no way
the future came and went
-she's still there-
odeon custodian
(overalls an' all)