Saturday, 29 June 2013

too small earth/ too big world

yeah my wallet, it got jacked
-lost track, of where I was-
but I sort of wish 
my phone had been too
then maybe I wouldn't 
have to listen to you
nah, I wouldn't have to listen to you
instead I could just be
lost in a sea 
of tourists, Lord it's 
too early in the day
for the hours to stray
to go back home
to go back to sleep
if only i could keep
dreaming the right dreams


hmm maybe she's right
maybe I am a waste
maybe I do just like the chase
but what am I chasing 
really? and he's the brother
of an old friend, a robber actually
who went round the bend
he served his time, and the eldest is
a cowboy, he didn't comit a crime
but why did you tell me
his name
why did you tell me 
the worlds too small 
for I already knew
for I've been telling you this
from the very first second
man, days like this
when I feel so shit
when they're people everywhere
all I want is to disappear
instead let me just go to my room
and close the door behind me