Friday, 28 June 2013

hoover building

hanger lane
a right pain
in the backside yeah
ah to tear 
across the grey sea
the grey sky split
the rain came down on me
hanger lane
how can I remain
here I waited 
and a bus arrived 
it didn't stop
just keep driving
it went through me
then I was on it
the bus
kind of like in a movie
a sci-fi one
hanger lane
what a pain
cross roads
to just be relieved 
of the heavy load
that presses against your shoulders
hoover building
i'm still building
stuff up and waiting and waiting 
and the board about donors
of the life source on the tube
man don't force
looking at that view
wandering what to do
hoover building/ westgate house
hanger lane
wandering in circles 
wandering in pain