Sunday, 23 June 2013

the stake

burned at the stake 
for a mistake 
he never dared to make
yeah he paid
the price
for eternity's vice
not beloved A, no
not somebody 
we've collectively
come to know
just somebody who was
a ghost
not a witch
a human ghost
did he make the switch?
who knows, all I know
is that he was burned at the stake 
for a mistake 
that he never made
the human ghost
he never weighed 
up the consequences 
for taking the heat 
the heat of a fire
that burned right through
though his spirit lives on
in lieu, in a memory 
that resides within us
the one we can't quite place
his presence, imbued with grace
debasement, he was effaced
on the face of it
burned at the stake 
burnt off the earth
for a chance 
he didn't take 
for human eternity's mistake
he spent time, all of it
with the fire
but he never said a word
not a single word
he just burned
in silence
silence is gold
silence burns/ silence earns
collective guilt
-rip ashes-