Sunday, 2 June 2013


the sky's the limit 
don't them tell you 
any different 
figure it out, go the 
distance, the sky's the limit
-there isn't one-
and you can do it, 
anything. don't let them 
tell you any different 
the road isn't straight
there's no 'one way'
there are many through ways
to get to where you need to be
you got to think a little differently
have a vision / have a million 
chase them all 
yeah you'll trip 
you'll fall 
a billion zillion times
but the sky's the limit 
don't let them delimit you 
the falls 
you can do anything, 
those walls
are imaginary
they're all in you head
you're gonna be legendary 
and even if you're not
-no matter/ for soon you'll be dead-