Sunday, 31 March 2013

a thing called closure

I had the strangest dream
yeah I remember
I had the strangest dream
I dreamt that I was back at the museum
one vacant winters night
and there I shared words with dippy:
that vacant winters night
at the museum, it was beyond trippy!
with the bones of a dead dinosaur
I saw, something 
something out of this world;
a beam of silver light
(from a UFO)
came streaming down from the ceiling
I was overcome by the strangest feeling.
I think I was missing
I think it was 'missing'
I think I miss the museum:
its coloured stones, its ageing bones 
human-beings and what-could have been's,  
-maybe, eventually-
friends, ah well dippy, he sends
his regards. 
(we depart: dippy and I)
but I long to go back to the beginning of time
maybe I could find; a way to say
(to myself)
-it's coming-
-it's already here-
-it's coming-
-there's nothing to fear-