Sunday, 10 March 2013

stones were thrown

when life gets heavy 
just laugh, for half 
the world, will be 
there with you 
suffering in silence
but grinning out loud
so try, just try
to make them proud
those around you 
those willing you on
make them realise 
that despite being far gone
you will return 
fighting, in time
and by time
endure with patience
endure with dignity
at circle this afternoon
I heard that stones 
were thrown
at my beloved prophet
by children
and he was bleeding
head to toe-
he walked out of the city
his was a bad day
incomparable to ours
for the beloved, those hours
and so will all other earthly hours
time be transient
so are we
so we bleed
I love you 
more than anyone 
and anything 
in this world-
in this world
find me again.