Friday, 29 March 2013

there and here

-nine to five
this ain't no life
for me
man, i'm still lost
i still don't give a toss
about nuffink
but ima save up
and get me a juice bar
somewhere afar
perhaps trinidad
perhaps panama
sit in da sun
that be my next plan
ima run, ima run
man, I don't know
just like that
fings change
yesterday I was breaking up
with da museum
i was talking to fred
he said
ima kid and he be right, i am
and david and I, we be talkin
about afroman
but today, now i'm in
some random office off
shaftsbury avenue
it's true, this is my life
...another new start
praying in jummat
with random muslims
from random charities
in a place wiv
showers and twenty-four hours
office access
they be making me
a fire marshall 
cos I be certified
but i sure ain't qualified
and there on the floor
I sat next to some crazed nut
some neurotic skeleton
with wires for veins
man and I thought I was insane!
...and shrouded by
that same sterile light
sitting at my desk
i was still tryna fight
the urge, the growing urge to
walk, only day one
ima screwed...