Friday, 8 March 2013

sharpest tool

-not the sharpest tool in the box
you muttered, ha! unorthodox yes 
but I'm far from stupid
mate, you're whacked 
if you think 
I don't know what you're doing
this tension you got brewing
see, I'm not playing your game 
killing time, that be my only aim
for I got many hours and days
to destroy, before I deploy 
my remaining mechanisms of defence
I'm on the defensive, 
the reason I look so pensive- 
I'm still searching, I'm still seeking
I'm still wasting time till I can find, 
my way again
till I can win my life back
get my shit together
get things back on track
you got a knack for winning, 
well so do I man, 
and let me tell you 
I ain't no lamb
you ain't no lion. 
we just two people...
on a path, soon to diverge
so give it up-