Sunday, 10 March 2013


you walked into my life
in such an unassuming manner
and just like that we hit it off
your interesting ideas, 
your beautiful art,
did kick-start
 something in me.
Inspired, I aspired 
to reach great heights 
to communicate societies 'rights' 
and 'wrongs' in a similar
light-hearted way 
it's hard to forget the day 
we met. Who would have guessed
we'd have so much in common
Burntwood, sign language
politics, mint tea 
ours was a meeting decreed
long before time began-
we're part of a bigger plan.
Hannah, look, I know.
Wherever you go 
continue to just be true to yourself 
in that same sincere manner
Hannah, the pleasure has been 
all mine.