Sunday, 31 March 2013

riggy and i

To the folks at 
spring personnel; 
I wonder could you tell 
that we were sisters? 
cos' we sure looked different
on the surface; 
riggy and I
she looked like one of you 
with her neat smile, her bangs 
and her immaculate shoes
and her make-up that made up 
another dissimilarity
I guess for the sake of clarity 
I stuck to my reebok classics
and in classic sy fashion
I left them out one night
and returned in the morning to find
that the fox had ripped them to shreds
they're still outside now;
the shreds; torn apart; 
only threads
But despite our outward differences
our manner of speaking
it's intriguing 
how similar we actually are
 riggy and I;
we're part of an undying star.