Sunday, 31 March 2013

-inside this crazy head

man there are just so many things that I wanta do!
it's true and as soon as I become whole again, 
man, there ain't nothing left for me but to start anew,
yeah when I get better, there ain't no stopping me, 
but first I just need to be
-perfectly aligned-
I gotta get well, cos shit man, I can't tell 
you how much I wanta do,
ima do so much excellent stuff! 
cos I've had about enough
of this static life
-first thing-
ima buy an ice cream van 
travel the country with a print-out map in hand
swim to the outer hebrides
-and then-
ima learn to fish, yeah ima go fishing every day 
ima establish my very own place
by the edge of a beautiful lake
-maybe meditate- 
who knows where, who know's how I'm gonna get there
but inshAllah I'm gonna get there
and man ima teach you all one thing 
in exchange you can teach me something too, 
or bring me a plate of food.
I ain't that fussed, trust. 
Man ima find God again. 
Lord, ima come back to You
ima discover a new life form, something blue, 
something in the form of a strange creature, 
that creature will teach you,
how to be
 and ima share its ideas with the preacher
that's right, the preacher
everyday and every night ima escape gravity
-its in humankind's capacity-
(know that)
ima sell my pokemon cards on ebay 
and use the money to stay
some place cheap
when I'm done I'll say  
yes ima say thank you, to the world
-with such valour-
every day ima say, thank you
and ima buy a chicken and fry up the eggs 
in some dusty garden in Sri Lanka
please thank her, for me, for the idea.
I'm gonna see
my plans through. 
Most importantly though
ima find God and free myself from all worldly matters.
-till then-
ima jam with the anarchists and the philosophers
write manucripts, walk through the salt lakes of bolivia
ima build a space ship and travel to the moon
how soon, how soon do I have to wait
before I can re-create myself, my life-
before I can buy that juice bar
in trinidad or was it panama?
man I got so much living to do 
and you, why don't you
just break free with me!
In a moment of clarity
yeah and I'd play the bongo with da beatniks, 
read these whacked out poems aloud 
to those with passion in their hearts, 
I think ima also make my fam proud
but first ima nick a rickshaw 
and drive across the korakoram highway 
straight through to china
maybe work on the rice paddies
maybe make friends with a farmer 
or some ardent learners, along the way
I call this living! I hafta say, man I hafta say 
this be the life, for me. I can't wait to be
whole again. So I can send
you postcards from every corner of this earth,
mirth in my eyes, as I write
this poem, yeah ima take photo's all around 
and tell my stories 
to anyone who'll listen, listen
ima pound my fist against every door
ima realise what it's all for; life, existance
yeah ima walk to Mecca
 and follow in the footprints of the holy
ima make it to the promised land, solely 
for Your sake.
See every time I'm afflicted 
my mind, it remind's me of all the places I want to go 
and all the things I want to see, all the things I wanta be
but then I forget. I set
myself up for nothing. But not this time.
this time man ima sit in a cafe in cuba
where ima play the tuba
for a bit of loose change; to get me through
the day
man the life I wanna lead, it ain't no life of greed.
It will bring me to nowhere-ness.
ima ride back, on a horse through Mongolia
bum around with my nomad pals
and yeah
ima do my wudu in streams and rivers everyday 
ima pray, in some beautiful place
on mountain tops and desert sands.
ima write another book, a better one, just lend me a hand 
beautiful one, lend me a hand
ima go on an epic road trip 
through America. ima break into Macbeth's castle, 
play make-belief by the ruins in peru
Ima ride my scooter, the kid's one, through 
some hills, maybe in Jeju Island near souf korea
Ima be a warrior!
 Ima make a film 
about something that actually means something
and ima dance under the stars to the sound of a waterfall
at night Ima call 
upon You. 
Ima be a proper muslim 
such a proper muslim that I won't care about doing 
none of this stuff no more
because well, there's so much more
to life than that
-exceeding beauty-
-exceeding beauty-
-exceeding beauty-