Friday, 29 March 2013

lone ranger

...don't bother trying to save me 
this is who i am 
a lone ranger
a wayfaring stranger
an outlaw, and I saw
this coming 
a million years ago, 
back when I was mere dust 
floating in outer space
but I have to admit man
it hurt. It really hurt
-that dark winters evening in march
standing on the platform at south ken
listening to 2pac life goes on 
and not being able to say sorry 
you not knowing why I was the way I was
and k I never said anything
because I couldn't say anything
I still can't do goodbyes
I'm still struggling to get by 
and f***, I'm hurting
I'm breaking, I'm burning
I'm turning 
it all around in my head
-wish I was dead
-wish I was dead
(wish I has said) 
something perfect
something that made it all alright
God knows what it's been like 
my life, these last few months...
God knows,
but still it blows 
that I left like this again....