Thursday, 21 March 2013

hiding out in dungeness

have you ever heard the story...?
probably not as I just made it up
I'll ask again, have you ever heard the story?
well let me tell it to you in a version uncut-
it's the story of an ex-con named steely martin
not many were smarter than him
for this guy, he escaped from prison
and not just any prison, but wandsworth prison
listen mate, wandsworth prison
 it's worse than belmarsh,
they treat 'em real harsh
in I hear...
anyway so steely somehow escaped from jail
and hailed down a van 
it was part of his plan, he had a plan 
he would start a brand
new life in dungeness
that's right,
he escaped to dungeness
england's very own 
'wild wild west'
and there
steely spent his days
in an assortment of ways 
wishing and forgetting,
fishing and sketching 
wretched pictures- it figures 
he spent his nights 
in the drafty lighthouse
the sound of the waves did arouse 
him from his sleep, he would keep 
awake and listen to the raging winds
seldom did natures noise bring
him any peace, but at least
 he was no longer in jail
for the coast was far more pretty
than the brick and mortar city
that homes convicts- far better to up sticks 
and move to a place like dungeness
a place of noisy rest- 
a place far more vast, far more homely
far less lonely than empty cell, 
in Wandsworth prison.