Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ty and I

I felt like Ty 
hood up, eyes
steely, I gazed
at the waves
as they waved
as they raised
as they rolled
in and out
the bitter wind
it whistled so loud
and then later
much later
on the train back
my heart
beat hard
against that hard track,
furious and troubled
in sync with the rap
that I be listening to
these guys they knew
what I'm going through
and hood up still 
I lay my head back 
and looked up at the sky 
a hundred seasons 
on this day
I strayed
to another random place
the light-
euphoric, free
empty, silent, breathe. 
fighting, breathe, fighting
always. enlightening,
the fight
and the snow
dances outside the dirty train window
 and grey clouds give way to blues skies
the train flits by
the church spires, countryside and rivers
and that one solitary castle 
the king is within
each Ty, that exists.