Wednesday, 20 March 2013


life, man,  
it's beyond vague
can you with surety tell
 the real from the fake?
are you awake?
are you really awake...?
for the sake
of everything, open your eyes
open you eyes now.
hmm this temporary abode
i think
is a load 
of nothingness
kind of like 
a Lichenstein painting
sort of static, 
sort of ever-changing 
sort of never-remaining 
the same, but at the same
time ingraining...
what?- blurred, abstract
 yes, it is hard to detract
this from that 
truth from fiction. 
fiction from truth 
the difference between the two
-blurred; real words, those unheard
but spoken, still-
I don't get it....?  
when all, is just a production 
empty and flimsy-
a paper world 
any moment it will fold in on itself,
a paper world
made up of dots 
lots and lots 
of dots
they give it away
they form
they fall 
in front of eyes-
'real eyes,
real lies.'