Monday, 4 March 2013

...a bit of faith, goes a long way...

I wish you knew me 
back when I was actually me 
you see, usually, I'm not like this
usually I take each and every risk;
I'm pretty free and I'm a laugh to be-
around. I'm not dark or troubled
by nature, though I confess 
sometimes I am, but most days 
I'm so happy and grateful 
to just be alive, to just be me
to give; simply-
to walk and write
to converse and fight
to make this world,
a better place-
though right now I'm displaced
I'm somewhere else and yet 
I'm trying, I am- 
to find my way back again
to learn to live with this
thing, to come out of it
better, not bitter- but its tough 
and I just need some time. 
so don't give up on me