Friday, 29 March 2013

what if...?

I sift
through each and every
what if... 
what if...what if...
I'm leaving again
and I don't know when
I'll ever go back
but it's strange,
this time
I feel like I'll be leaving
something behind
or someone
or perhaps the possibility
of someone
the idea...?
perhaps it's just the fear
it's not so hard to tear 
myself away from here
for there's no one that I really care
about, right?
but what if....
what if...what if...
no, no, no
I'm not doing this
I'm not looking back
I'm not losing track
of my vision
I have a vision
and they say
that when you want something
the whole universe conspires
to help you achieve it
so I'll leave it
I'll leave the what if's...
but what if...
what if...what if...
what if...