Friday, 22 March 2013

vague, but beautiful

this vague life man,
it's beyond beautiful 
it's a fact man
it's irrefutable
for even the impossible 
in this world, is doable, 
if you just believe
if you just conceive
of it, so lead a life 
that's beautiful, that's full 
of all the good things
for good breeds good
so just take the time  
you just take the time
to seek it out, beauty, it's all about
it can be found in a smile 
in a supermarket aisle
or set against a sunset, 
from a high place,
from the roof of neasdon temple
 from the top of hampstead heath
beneath it all, there is beauty
just be and see, really see
the small details 
the shadows and light
everything's more than alright
when you just,