Saturday, 30 March 2013


are you from privilege? 
I should have said yes
cos' the more I think of it
the more I realise that less
is more, and the more obvious 
it becomes-
see I got food in my stomach 
and a roof over my head
I got everything I need to live
so I should've said yes
but its funny 
back there
back in the city of dreams 
I would only eat veg 
I would wash in candlelight
-cold water in winter-
i would cook and clean
and stare at the stars and just dream 
at night
rarely would I watch tv
more often I would just share stories 
about the worlds beauty
to the guru's and the children 
and I gotta say that was privalege
love is privalege
but a different kind, it was sublime
that life; that was living
giving and giving
and learning
and I'm burning 
to go back, 
no. not back, but forwards
I wonder though 
am I just remembering wrong?
see they often say that I
remember things different 
to how they really were
'really' I don't know much 
about 'really', but actually 
actually I want my dream to come true
I want to create a new 
world, a microcosm 
of pure joy 
of simple privilege
one day
one day I hope to cross that bridge...