Tuesday, 5 March 2013

back in the cubicle

-there I was 
back in an office
staring at a dark wall 
sipping hot tea 
made from one of those 
old robot machines; 
when all of a sudden
I decided to go for a wander
so I walked down 
the carpeted corridor,
that corridor-
I'd walked down it before
and now that I think of it
I'd stared at that same screen
it still gleams an unearthly gleam
I didn't last long then 
I think I'll walk again 
at some point
I'm not getting any closer
to being or being somewhere
where I feel I should be.  
Ah hell, what am I to do? 
why do I feel so far-removed 
from everything and everyone 
I once (thought I) knew?